As you know from reading our most recent Annual Report, we welcomed as salty as they come, long-time SurfAid supporter and accomplished leader, Doug Lees, as SurfAid CEO in January 2019.

We’ve already shared Doug’s professional and academic qualifications on our blog, but there is more to each of us than our title and number of qualifications (though Doug is short on neither). So, until you get to know Doug personally at a SurfAid event or in the lineup at Lagundri Bay, enjoy reading about Doug Lees, #29 on Surfing World Magazine’s Most Intriguing People in Surfing list.

Forgive us for this indulgence, but the inclusion of SW’s legendary long-time custodian Doug Lees to our list of the 50 Most Intriguing Surfers is, in our opinion at least, a very worthy addition. Doug has lived an incredible life mixed with extraordinary contributions to his community, to commerce, to the Australian rock and roll landscape, and of course, to surfing.To shortlist just a few of his highlights, achievements and eccentricities, Doug has in no particular order: been a champion swimmer and Levis model, run for Mayor of Manly, been co-owener of legendary Manly surf institution Australian Surf HQ with former roommate and iron man legend Guy Leech, been pulled out of whitewash at Cloudbreak by Dave Wassel after copping a 20-foot closeout set on the head, played drums in iconic punk band Progression Cult, co-authored a book on childbirth from a male perspective, been owner/publisher of Surfing World for 25 years, and General Manager and head of sales for both SW and CoastalWatch for the past 10. There’s a lot more too, too much to go into here, but his latest appointment of CEO of SurfAid is yet another string in a bow so thick with strings it looks more like a ball of yarn. “The opportunity to give back in a meaningful way to people who live in regions of the world that have given so much to surfers and surfing is something I am truly honoured to be a part of,” said Dougie of his new opportunity.

With thanks to Surfing World Magazine, penned by Vaughan Blakey.

Doug looks forward to thanking each of you for the role you play in improving the health, wellbeing and self reliance of people living in isolated regions, connected to us through surfing, as well as leading SurfAid in our shared quest to make the world a better place.

SurfAid Names New Country Director

SurfAid Country Director Dinnia Joedadibrata sharing photos with SurfAid families.

SurfAid recently promoted Dinnia Joedadibrata to Country Director In Indonesia. Learn more about Dinnia and what makes her the perfect candidate to lead our efforts in the field.

You were recently appointed SurfAid’s Country Director. What experience do you have to help prepare you for this role?

I’ve been working with SurfAid for just under two years and this has given me a great opportunity to gain knowledge and an understanding of SurfAid’s operations in Indonesia.
Prior to this, I spent the past 15 years working in the development sector in Indonesia, Timor Leste, Pakistan, and the Netherlands. I have worked in the field with the communities, the local partners, and at the various headquarters. All this experience has helped provide me with the well-rounded perspective required for the job. There’s never a dull moment at SurfAid and I am ready to face whatever will come my way.
What do you hope to bring to your new role and the communities we partner with?
I’d like to continue to improve on the great results we’ve been reporting and share more of these results with SurfAid supporters. The communities we work with are in such remote areas that many people can’t understand how isolated they truly are. I’d like to share more stories and results to help truly represent the work in our communities. Through SurfAid, I want to continue to provide opportunities and support to help our partners develop and improve their lives.

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Bay Area Artist to Design 2019 SurfAid Cup Event Series Art

It started with a sign. When Odi Schlossberg volunteered at the 2018 SurfAid Cup Santa Cruz, she had no idea that it would lead her to helping launch the 2019 SurfAid Cup Global Event Series. Odi was part of a crew of volunteers helping with event registration. A simple sign was needed to display the team standings and Odi’s artistic abilities took over. This simple task introduced SurfAid to her amazing talents as an artist and a partnership was borne.

The 2019 SurfAid Cup Event series begins this April in Santa Cruz, California. Registration is now open for all global events. Ready to surf and save a life? Priority registration will be given to previous participants and SurfAid Tribe members. Visit for more info.

To learn more about Odi and to get a sneak peek at some of the designs she is creating for the 2019 SurfAid Cup Event series, check out our interview below.

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