How did you get involved with SurfAid and what led you to volunteer your time as the 2019 SurfAid Cup featured artist? 


A friend of mine and I volunteered to help out at the Santa Cruz Cup last year and throughout that day I learnt more about SurfAid’s mission and the work they’ve accomplished. I was overwhelmed with the amazing energy from everyone involved in the event, so I instantly knew I wanted to become involved in one way or another. First things first, we set up a Surf Team to compete in the 2019 Santa Cruz Cup. The Santa Cruz Cup made such a great impression on me that I knew I had to be a part of SurfAid. I was limited to help out financially so I offered my artwork as a way to participate and support SurfAid on their mission. Initially we auctioned an original piece for the Malibu Cup 2018 and had such a positive response that we got excited about partnering up and going for the ambitious goal of producing unique pieces, each featuring the different 2019 SurfAid Cup locations.

The SurfAid Cup event funds help support Mother and Child Health Programs in extremely remote communities that lack access to clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare, and nutrition. Knowing how critical it is to have access to these services, how does it feel to be a part of the efforts to give this opportunity to others?

It is very humbling and empowering at the same time. Being aware of the lack of bare necessities many communities struggle with made me realize how grateful I should be for the daily commodities I took for granted. In response, I took action to became part of a larger change. Regardless the scale, we all have the possibility to do something, anything. You’ve spent time volunteering at the SurfAid Cup Santa Cruz.

What is it like being behind the scenes of a SurfAid Cup?

Absolutely amazing! Collaborating with a team of people who share the same enthusiasm and objectives feels special, where creating art has evolved to hold a much deeper purpose.
From California to Australia; there is this sense of community within the team which goes beyond any geographic boundaries. Tell us a bit about your background and what inspires you when painting? 
 I grew up in Argentina and learnt to how surf in Uruguay over the summers, and ever since I’ve been passionate about spending as much time in the water as possible. I’ve lived in several places thought the past 10 years (currently in San Francisco), and in each place I’ve found that nature itself and the joy of surfing in good company inspire me the most. Each location has its own geography and the waves break differently, and I spend hours just looking at them; at the shapes, the color, the textures, all of it. With a background in Design and Architecture, I’ve combined techniques and notions of composition to develop new pieces and develop as an artist.
There are nine SurfAid Cup events planned globally in 2019 and you are creating a unique design for each event. How did you prepare for this project?
I’m very excited to work on all the art pieces and bring a unique attribute to each. It’s a very ambitious project where my goal is to represent the spirit of each spot. I haven’t been to all the Surf Aid Cup locations, so I combine anecdotes from friend’s who’ve been there, with the local SurfAid teams, articles and media to understand what is special about each specific spot. As a matter of fact, I love the challenge of finding what’s unique to each of them.
 Will people be able to purchase any of the artwork you are creating?
 Yes! I plan on doing limited edition posters for the 2019 events which will be available for purchase online via my website, and a portion of the proceeds will go to SurfAid. [Stay tuned, we have yet to announce the release date.]
 How can people learn more about you and your work? 
 I invite everyone to visit my website [] where there’s current work and I’m always enthusiastic about producing custom pieces as well, those are always intricate. I’m also on Instagram [IG: odi_surf_art], I try to keep it interesting and portray art and events as well as the lifestyle of the artist behind the work.
Is there any other information you’d like to share?
I encourage everyone to go out there and participate in events that combine both a passion and purpose. Be creative, there’s more than one way to get involved and participate in non-profit projects. Take a chance, if you’re enthusiastic about the topic and share the same goals, it can’t go wrong. Have fun along the way and share the stoke. Finally, I thank SurfAid for opening their doors into their community, for keeping it fun and pragmatic. Check out the tremendous work they’ve accomplished as well as their upcoming projects. Come join us at your local SurfAid Cup, so check out the latest news for the event dates. Surf’s Up!