We’re proud to announce that SurfAid has qualified for Full Accreditation from the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Our whole team across the entire organisation has worked together to earn SurfAid this significant qualification, diligently working to best practice in all aspects of our operations. 

SurfAid’s successful outcome of this rigorous, full-organisation evaluation makes us part of a small, high-performing pool of Australian Non-Government Organisations: we are now 1 of just 42 DFAT Full Accredited NGOs in the whole of Australia. To put this further in perspective: The total number of Australian community sector organisations was most recently estimated at around 600,000 (Productivity Commission, Contribution of the Not-for-Profit Sector(2010))

We were first Accredited in 2013 at base level. The improvements which the whole SurfAid team have made to our systems, operations and model over the past 5 years have qualified us for this Full Accreditation.

‘Accreditation of Australian NGOs is a front-end and rigorous risk-management process. It is also a robust due diligence process for DFAT. Accreditation ensures the Australian Government is funding professional, well-managed organisations that are capable of delivering quality development outcomes and are accountable to their stakeholders. It assures the Australian public that the Australian Government is working with the most effective partners. 

To gain accreditation, Australian NGOs undergo a thorough and independent assessment of their organisational structure, philosophies, policies and practices against an agreed set of criteria. Australian NGOs must demonstrate capacity and performance against a range of indicators.’

As a Full Accredited organisation, donations to SurfAid will be combined with funding from the Australian government to reach more people. We have committed to contribute $1 for every $5 we receive from the Australian government. Thanks to this support, and an equivalent arrangement with the New Zealand Aid Programme, your donation will allow us to maintain and extend our programs.