On Friday 4th of October I had the great please to attend the ceremony for the signing of the SurfAid MOU with the Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration in Jakarta at the Puri Denpasar Hotel. This MOU with the Indonesian Government is the basis of our legality to continue our work in Indonesia.

In attendance from the Indonesian government included:

  • Bapak Anwar Sanusi – Secretary General, Ministry of Village, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration
  • Bapak Damos – Director General of International Agreement, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ibu Aisyah Gamawati – Director General of Special Regions
  • Bapak Samsul Widodo – Director General for Disadvantaged Regions
  • Bapak Taufik Madjid – Director General for Village Community Development.
  • Country Director Dinnia Joedadibrata, Senior Operations Manager Merryen Silalahi and myself were present at the ceremony from SurfAid.

The new MOU represents a significant event for SurfAid, and provides a sound platform for the future programs of SurfAid in Indonesia for the next three years.

Finalising the new MOU now completes the Full Accreditation process with the Australian Government, and for the first time SurfAid is now a fully accredited.

I would like to congratulate our SurfAid program team and board members for the vision and hard work in achieving these huge goals. These developments now place our organisation with a well-suited ministry who hold a strong interest in the regions we work in, and Australian Government funding support to be able to operate our programs with the highest standards available.