Thank you for supporting SurfAid in 2019. At the end of each year, I always look forward to sharing our achievements of the past 12 months. As we prepare to enter SurfAid’s 20th year of service, it makes this year’s success all the more meaningful.


This past year, our SurfAid community has impacted the lives of 47,860 people!We also achieved a major milestone by assessing and beginning partnership projects in two new countries, Mexico and the Solomon Islands, while continuing our successful Mother and Child Health programs in Indonesia. Our love and desire to give back to the Indonesian people who welcome us to their shores and waves remains, but it is time we begin to broaden our horizon and share our successful bottom up community development model with others.


In Mexico, we partnered with three experienced nonprofits on topics affecting maternal and child health, including access to clean water, community-based wellness clinics, and a food rescue program to ensure access to nutrition. In the Solomon Islands we are embarking on a joint project with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) Cervical Cancer Screening project and Family Planning Australia (FPA) to provide educational support aimed at reducing deaths and increasing prevention methods for cervical cancer.


Our work in Indonesia continues and in Sumbawa, SurfAid is facilitating the first ever solar powered drip irrigation project in the region. The goal is to transform the region’s “hungry season” into a season where children go from struggling with malnourishment to a season of thriving, thanks to access to year-round crops. Simultaneously, their parents take a giant step out of poverty with the earnings from the new harvests.




I am pleased to kick off our annual giving campaign #NeverForgetTheLocals. The campaign will support our continued efforts to give back to struggling communities introduced to us through surf travel. Last year, you helped SurfAid exceed our goal of raising $50,000 for our lifesaving Mother and Child Health programs. As we continue to grow and give back to our global surf communities, your support is needed more than ever.



In addition to our continued expansion efforts, we are launching a new program in the Sumba and Sumbawa regions of Indonesia. These communities are prone to issues related to poor maternal & child health and malnutrition. Our work in the region began with our recently completed HAWUNA project which resulted in massive gains in improved health. Our goal is to capitalize on this momentum and continue to strengthen our efforts around health and malnutrition for mums and children.


On the eve of our 20th anniversary, we are looking forward to another strong 20, where we continue to leverage and scale our proven model and give back to our communities linked to us through surfing. We do have a secret sauce, refined from hard lessons learned and based upon our “hand up, not a hand out” model.


We continue our mission to provide communities the tools needed to rise out of poverty and suffering. With your support, the will of our communities, their hands, their desire for a brighter future, and most importantly their ever-present love for their children, we will work together to make this goal a reality. Thanks for being part of it. We are what We give. Please join us in our efforts to give back and #NeverForgetTheLocals.



In the US:

Erin Miserlis,

Everywhere else:

Doug Lees,