Expanding our Promise to #NeverForgetTheLocals


Seasonal swells have pulled many surfers over the borders and into Baja’s famed right-hand point breaks. Unfortunately, these same areas are also known for their lack of clean water, basic healthcare, and nutrition – the very same issues that SurfAid was introduced to in the Mentawai nearly 20 years ago.


Last year, our SurfAid community worked together to make our first partnership projects in Baja a reality. With the help of The International Community Foundation (ICF), SurfAid was introduced to the Food Rescue Program implemented by Raiz de Fondo. The goal of the program is to improve the diet of vulnerable segments of the greater La Paz region of Baja California Sur by rescuing quality produce that is not suitable for sale and redistribute it to vulnerable groups throughout the region.


A lack of proper nutrition can lead to a weakened immune system and an inability to fight off even the most basic illness. Malnourishment is a big contributor to under-five mortality due to a greater susceptibility to infections and slow recovery from illness. Nutrition is a key component of SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Programs, and the opportunity to increase the capacity of the Food Rescue Program made Raiz de Fondo an ideal community partner.


Thanks to the support of the SurfAid community:

– 55 community groups participating in program

4,500 people receiving distributed food

95 tons of fresh produce recollected

56 varieties of fruit and vegetables and 1.5 tons of non-perishable  foods distributed


One of the goals of a SurfAid x Raiz de Fondo partnership was to increase the capacity of people served through the program. A lack of regular transportation was reducing the programs ability to reach more communities and collect food from additional agriculture partners. Thanks to SurfAid supporters, a dedicated vehicle will be purchased resulting in a 60% increase in program capacity, putting nutritious food directly in the hands of people who need it the most.


The program mirrors SurfAid’s educational philosophy and includes cooking classes – because what good is a new food if you don’t know what to do with it? To learn more about the Food Rescue Program and the people you are helping, check out this video provided by Raiz de Fondo.







Continuing our goal to increase support to surf communities south of the border, SurfAid USA is proud to announce our latest partnership with Rotario Del Los Barriles and the East Cape Clean Water project. The program will create sustainable outcomes and solutions to ensure access to clean water that helps to reduce waterborne illness in rural ranchero communities throughout the East Cape of Baja California Sur.


Aligning with SurfAid’s “hand up – not a hand out” philosophy, sanitation and hygiene training focusing on the benefits of clean water will be provided by the in-country community training teams. Partnering with the East Cape Clean Water project will ensure families have access to bacteria free water, improving the health for approximately 12 communities. Keep an eye out for updates on both life changing programs made possible with your support.


SurfAid was founded by surfers who embrace the spirit of surf exploration and understand the impact of collective giving. Nearly 20 years later, this tradition continues. As SurfAid Founder Dr. Dave demonstrated when he made his now iconic trip to the Mentawai, We are what We give. Please join us in our efforts to give back and help us #NeverForgetTheLocals. Donatetoday. Thank you.





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