You heard it here first! We are so stoked to announce the launch of our first-ever SurfAid Cup at URBNSURF on Friday, October 16th 2020. 

The SurfAid Cup is the signature fundraiser for SurfAid globally. The first competition was held in 2011 and has grown into an event series including seven events in Australia and the US.

In September, SurfAid is partnering with the URBNSURF for the first-ever SurfAid Cup to be held at their break The Point. No need to check the swell, you’re guaranteed perfect 3ft waves that bring nothing but stoke for 12-16 seconds each ride. 

This is an opportunity to turn one truly epic day of surfing at the most sought-after wave in Australia into a year of support for our partner communities. Together we aim to raise $50,000 to support women and children in remote parts of Indonesia and Solomon Islands. When you join the SurfAid Cup URBNSURF one day of surfing will have a lasting impact.

It’s an opportunity to  surf at Australia’s world-class surf park URBNSURF in Melbourne. Located just 23 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, and a short ride from Melbourne Airport, this surf park is Tullamarine’s newest and most consistent surf spot, offering perfect, endless waves with settings to suit surfers of all ages and abilities. From challenging, slabbing barrels and steep-faced walls for advanced surfers, to playful, rippable pointbreak-style settings for intermediate surfers, through to safe, rolling whitewater for beginners, URBNSURF has everyone covered.

To compete in SurfAid Cup URBNSURF, gather your surfing mates and raise vital funds to help us improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing. The fundraising target is $6,000 per team or $1,000 per individual with 50% of the fundraising target due on sign up. 

Your SurfAid Cup URBNSURF day will be filled with waves and more waves. You’ll have the unique opportunity to surf perfect, ocean-like waves, and uncrowded barrels with your mates, all while supporting SurfAid.

For more details about SurfAid Cup URBNSURF, please download the infopack. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Claire Stafford, Events Manager at or call 0420 638 923.