In honour of SurfAid’s 20 years of Impact, we are proud to announce our latest partnership with Allpress Espresso, a custom Indonesian-sourced coffee with 100% of all profits supporting SurfAid. 

The SurfAid and Allpress Espresso coffee is one of the finest coffees Sumatra has to offer. Sourced from regions close to our partner communities on the islands of Nias and the Mentawai, and freshly roasted and delivered in new compostable packaging.  

“Partnering with Allpress Espresso was a no-brainer,” said SurfAid CEO Doug Lees. “We share core values, authenticity in product and delivery and a proud New Zealand heritage. The SurfAid and Allpress partnership allows everyone who drinks coffee to make a purchase decision: to support an authentic, quality product with a mission to have a positive impact on people in need.” 

The special edition single-origin coffee was sourced from Allpress Espresso’s long-term partner, Hendra Taruli of Wahana Estate. Similar to SurfAid, Wahana Estate works with local communities to enable support and education to improve crop yields and quality. At the moment, they’re running a program to hand out 1 million coffee plants, helping farmers replace ageing coffee trees and to improve crop yields and quality. 

Michael Allpress, founder of Allpress Espresso is proud to be partnering with SurfAid. “Having surfed throughout Indonesia, this is a great way for us to give back to the people living in these remote regions that we get to visit as tourists. This coffee will provide an easy way for our customers to contribute to the great work SurfAid are doing while enjoying one of the best coffees Sumatra has to offer.”

The SurfAid and Allpress Espresso coffee is extra special, the Rasuna Longberry – a variety of coffee that has a distinctive long and thin shape. It’s a naturally processed coffee that is sweet and full-bodied with hints of cherry, blackcurrant and chocolate. 

Allpress Espresso is proud to debut its commercially compostable coffee packaging for our partnership coffee. They worked tirelessly to find the best compostable materials to keep the coffee fresh and tasting its best while providing a kinder end life. The bespoke label is inspired by the jungle backdrops of Indonesia’s best surf breaks and coffee farms. 

Watch the origin story and learn how SurfAid and Allpress Espresso worked together to source and produce this limited edition coffee. 

When you purchase one bag of SurfAid and Allpress Espresso coffee, you help maintain a clean water facility serving 50 people for an entire month. To shop the coffee and support the health, well being and resilience of communities connected to us through surfing head to the Allpress Espresso online stores at Australia, New Zealand, UK/EU.