In Eastern Indonesia, juxtaposed next to luxurious world-class resorts on the island of Sumba lives a population plagued by extreme poverty and poor health. The locals are mostly subsistence farmers, and food insecurity due to poverty, drought, and poor soil quality make feeding their families a daily struggle.

Sumbawa island, in Eastern Indonesia, experiences high rates of poverty, poor health indicators, and some of the worst maternal and child mortality rates in the nation.

SurfAid’s SIMBO Programme (acronym in Indonesian for ‘Healthy Mothers and Children’) worked alongside communities and local government to create access to clean water, sanitation, and nutrition; and improve the official structures of the community health post.

Having exceeded nearly every objective for the programme, the 17 communities (9,619 people) in Bima district are most impressed with their own contributions towards these achievements. In addition to significantly improving their quality of life, their health status and social cohesion, Kanca village was awarded 3rd Cleanest and Healthiest Village in all of Indonesia for their efforts.

SurfAid’s latest project in Sumbawa introduces the first ever solar-powered drip irrigation system in Indonesia! The system ensures food security in a region where rainfall has become increasingly irregular; and also increases opportunity for economic development.