Amigos de los Niños (ADLN) provides quality health care in Los Cabos to children up to the age of 18 who lack access to quality care, arranging for external medical consultations, organized clinics and assistance in setting up medical treatment for special cases of the severely ill or disabled.

ADLN Free Clinics
From the beginning of the free clinic program in 1991, ADLN has counted on professional medical volunteers to provide pro bono service for clinics in many specialties such as: Pediatric Dentistry, ENT and Audiology with free hearing aids, Pediatric Cardiology, and Corrective Eye Surgeries for Strabismus. These are bi- and tri-annual clinics that serve children who could otherwise not afford these specialty medical services.

ADLN Special Case Children
ADLN’s “Special Case” children are severely ill or disabled and require long-term medical services and many times a search for physicians who can treat them.

The majority of ADLN Special Cases are children with cancer. For over ten years ADLN has been helping these children and their families.  Initially ADLN was the on-the-ground organization working to establish pediatric oncology services in Baja California Sur, which was successfully accomplished in 2012 with the creation of the Pediatric Hemio-Oncology Unit at the public hospital in La Paz.  ADLN then took on the responsibility of purchasing the chemotherapy meds for Los Cabos patients and paying for their transportation to and from La Paz for treatment; and providing financial support to secure the pediatric oncologist at the BCS program.

Other Special Case Children are varied and have lifelong conditions (including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, scoliosis, and diabetes) which require medicines, transportation and special treatment or diagnosis to reduce their symptoms as much as possible.

ADLN has been able to consistently provide and expand these programs during the last 25 years.

Volunteer Opportunities:
The main volunteer opportunity is for medical professionals for the ADLN Free Clinics in pediatric dentistry, audiology and pediatric cardiology. For more information, contact:

General Volunteer Inquiries: