Nutrition is an integral part of all our Mother and Child Health programs. Malnourishment is a big contributor to under-five mortality due to the greater susceptibility to infections and slow recovery from illness. We are helping communities establish vegetable gardens and small-scale chicken farms to increase their nutritional status and prepare for income generation. This helps provide a more diverse diet to improve family nutrition, especially for children under five and pregnant women.


We work with the community to improve their nutritional status and preparedness for commercial activities through the establishment of sustainable vegetable gardens. To increase access to nutritious foods, we hold training workshops, make seeds available and promote gardening as a routine community activity. By empowering communities to become responsive and able to recognise and prevent their health problems, we are able to increase their support-seeking behaviour which ultimately leads to healthier communities.

We partner with local government to increase the capacity of local health care services and to address community health needs, improving the health and wellbeing of children under five and pregnant women.

Practical Support


The establishment of a seedling nursery in a community helps families to create home vegetable gardens for nutritious food and can provide small business opportunities.

Cooking demonstrations

We work with the local health staff to provide cooking demonstrations with nutritious, locally available ingredients so mothers and caretakers learn how to prepare the vegetables they grow.

Technical training

We run community-level technical training workshops for the establishment of vegetable gardens and small-scale chicken farming. Better income contributes to better health.