Raiz fe Fondo Jardines y Educacion AC

In 2011, the first community garden was opened in La Paz, B.C.S. to offer the community a chance to learn about organic gardening and offer local residents a space to plant their own garden with the help of volunteers.  The garden was well received by the public, so a year later Raíz de Fondo, Jardines y Educación A.C. became a legally constituted Mexican nonprofit, allowing the new organization to expand its activities beyond its garden borders.

Raíz de Fondo promotes the production of organic vegetable and seeks to improve the availability of fresh foods. It maintains two community gardens, provides educational programs partnering with schools and non-governmental organizations, offers workshops to the public and coordinates a post-harvest food recovery/redistribution program.

Current Programs

Community Gardens

The organization maintains 2 gardens open to the public and offers technical assistance in organic production. The gardens are the hub for many of Raíz de Fondo’s activities.


School visits to the gardens give children the opportunity to see and get hands-on experience harvesting vegetables. The program includes the life cycle of a garden and a nutritional component that allows the children to prepare a meal with the produce they´ve harvested. In 2018, the organization began working with public schools, aiding in the creation of gardens on school campuses. A 26-session program includes nutrition and food preparation with the students.

Nutritional Education 

Raíz offers a variety of nutritional and cooking classes. Classes serve a diverse range of people including children, individuals with chronic disease or other health problems, cooks from feeding kitchens/shelters and individuals with limited resources experiencing food insecurity, in addition to the general public.

Food Rescue 

The program works with farms in the municipality of La Paz, BCS, Mexico to collect left-behind produce that is not sellable (but still good for human consumption), and distribute it to nonprofit and government-run feeding kitchens and meal programs to increase the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables served to their beneficiaries.

Volunteer Participation 

Many of Raíz de Fondos activities would be difficult to carry out without the participation of volunteers.

Volunteer activities include: Assistance with workshops, maintenance of the gardens, organisation of files and transportation, packing and distribution of rescued produce.

The volunteer season runs from October to June

For more information contact: raizdefondo@gmail.com

Facebook and Instagram:  Raíz de Fondo AC