In Eastern Indonesia, juxtaposed next to luxurious world-class resorts on the island of Sumba lives a population plagued by extreme poverty and poor health. The locals are mostly subsistence farmers, and food insecurity due to poverty, drought, and poor soil quality make feeding their families a daily struggle.

As a result of chronic food shortages (as well as a lack of sanitation and health education), more than 60% of children under five are underweight or suffer from severe malnutrition or stunting.

SurfAid’s HAWUNA Programme (meaning ‘unity’ in the local language) works with 16 communities (7,765 people) in the sub-district of Lamboya Barat to improve food security, and support parents to practice child care techniques that help to fight malnutrition. Accompanied by access to clean water, sanitation, and community-based healthcare, SurfAid is seeing a significant reduction in underweight children and an improvement in overall community health status.