Our Values

Our vision is healthy and resilient communities in remote areas. Our mission is to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.

Community Empowerment

We will create opportunities for learning and working together towards a common goal, encouraging people to take an active role in establishing their own healthy and resilient communities.


All people have a right to access quality basic services regardless of where they live. We believe all people can contribute to their own development, given the right opportunities and a voice to share their challenges, ideas and wisdom. SurfAid is respectful to local values and customs and will find creative ways to enrich, rather than change, local culture.


SurfAid understands that alone we can only contribute to positive change. To bring about lasting change we work with communities, local government departments, local influencers and decision-makers. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible, listening to all our stakeholders.


We are aware that we are only guardians of the funds that are entrusted to us to deliver positive change to remote communities. We commit to being exceptional stewards of our donor’s funds and as such will use the funds in the most effective and efficient manner. We strive to accurately measure our impact as an organisation and be truly accountable to our partners and the people we serve.


We aspire to deliver the most effective programs, using the highest standards of development practice, and to be recognised by relevant accreditation and professional agencies.

“SurfAid embodies the positive values inherent in surfing, namely individualism, courage, dynamism, and adaptability, and seeks to harness these attributes in implementing projects with measurable results.”

The World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) honoured SurfAid with their humanitarian award in 2007, ahead of more than 49,000 other not-for-profits.