Working Together

SurfAid aims for sustained and significant positive impacts for the communities we work with. We recognise that this goal will only be achieved through the collective efforts of many actors.

SurfAid is committed to building capacity and self-reliance in the remote locations where we work. Our approach is anchored in trusting and creative relationships.

Outside Indonesia, government support comes principally from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

In Indonesia, we have a warm and fruitful relationship with the health promotion centre of the Ministry of Health (PROMKES). We align our efforts with the national and local initiatives and policies, adding value by making national initiatives relevant and pragmatic in remote locations.

From left: Community leader Gasambowo from Fadoro Lauru village; SurfAid Country Director Anne Wuijts; Dr Lily S. Sulistyowati, MM, Head of Health Promotion Centre, Ministry of Health Indonesia; and HM Bambang Sulistomo, SiP, M.Si, special advisor on health policy politics for the Indonesian Health Minister. Photo taken during a joint annual monitoring visit to Hiliduho, Nias district, in 2013.

Our Partners

Our partners include local community volunteers, communities and government, foundations, and the international development initiatives of supportive governments.

Our Staff

We work together with communities and local government to bring positive change in remote areas. Our field staff work and live alongside our communities. They understand the local realities and culture, and ensure our activities are responsive and relevant.

All our field staff are Indonesian, and where possible we employ local staff. Not all community members speak Indonesian, often only their local languages.

We have different teams in the remote areas and supporting offices in Medan and Padang. No matter where we are, we are all contributing to one goal: stronger, healthier and resilient communities in isolated areas.

“SurfAid staff are like our family. They live with us. We share our concerns and together we work on improving our situation.”
– Bapak Sapardi, head of Sagitci Barat hamlet.